New Alpha Versions of Audio Streaming App and APIs

On June 1, 2016 we released version 1.0.0-alpha6 of our audio streaming APIs.

  • Updated indexer to add dpath key for Google Storage bucket. Allows app to download and play selected mp3 files
  • Added new released key

On June 4, 2016 we also released version 0.8.3-alpha of our audio streaming app which now supports iOS 8. This will enable users who have not yet upgraded to iOS 9 to also use our app.

The 0.8 releases support default streaming mode which which is a similar listening experience as you know from radio streaming apps like TuneIn.

As indicated on our roadmap we’re working towards releasing a new major version of the audio streaming app which also supports custom streaming mode. This will allow listeners to stream their custom playlist based on their favorite tracks, albums or artists.