Audio Streaming Beta 0.9.0

This version of the 24 Hour Kirtan Radio app was built in radio-only mode without the playlist feature, because we decided to focus on the basic functionality first. It has no new features, but updated assets and config, as well as fixed music controls.

Please contact if you want to test on iOS via Test Flight. If you’re using an Android based device, please install directly via Google Play Store.

We’re currently working on redesigning the app with the help of Dhyanacandra prabhu from Slovenia. Here are some early mockups in which direction we’re heading.

When we started development of the app at the beginning of 2016, the underlying framework to build amazing native and progressive web apps, Ionic, was still at version 1. Ionic v2 was released beginning of 2017 and now at the beginning of 2018 we’re already at Ionic v3.9.2. If we want to upgrade to the latest v3 we basically have to build everything from scratch, which is exactly what we’re planning to do in 2018. A lot of work, but we’re very excited.

We have not yet decided if the redesign should still be done with Ionic v1 or if we go straight to v3 and implement the redesign there. Maybe we’ll do a redesign light with the current version and release it as 1.0.0, so that it can be finally made available on the Apple App Store without the need to install via TestFlight.

In any case, we’re going to keep you posted. Happy New Year!

If you want to help with development or testing, you’re always welcome to get in touch.

Audio Streaming Alpha 0.8.4 for iOS and Android

The new playlist feature has been on GitHub since June 9 and now we finally released alpha 0.8.4 for iOS via Test Flight and Android directly via Google Play Store.

It is now possible to not only listen to the radio stream, but also to browse audio files, listen to them straight away and create custom playlists. This is a very exciting new feature, so please install the new version and play around with it.

Currently, only a small fraction of Kirtans are available for the beta apps, but we’re going to add more over the next days and weeks. Once we’re coming out of beta, the full range of publicly available Kirtans from will be fully available to browse and create custom playlists.

If you’re building your own app based on this project, you can of course add your own range of audio files via the Audio Streaming APIs.

New Alpha Versions of Audio Streaming App and APIs

On June 1, 2016 we released version 1.0.0-alpha6 of our audio streaming APIs.

  • Updated indexer to add dpath key for Google Storage bucket. Allows app to download and play selected mp3 files
  • Added new released key

On June 4, 2016 we also released version 0.8.3-alpha of our audio streaming app which now supports iOS 8. This will enable users who have not yet upgraded to iOS 9 to also use our app.

The 0.8 releases support default streaming mode which which is a similar listening experience as you know from radio streaming apps like TuneIn.

As indicated on our roadmap we’re working towards releasing a new major version of the audio streaming app which also supports custom streaming mode. This will allow listeners to stream their custom playlist based on their favorite tracks, albums or artists.

Audio Streaming Alpha 0.8.2 for iOS

Finally, 3 days ago a working alpha version for iOS was released on the App Store through TestFlight. Version 0.8.2 is now also available through the Android Play Store using an open test release.


  • Lock screen controls
  • Android loading spinner

Please contact for more information if you would like to test the release.

iOS Lock Screen

Ionic Audio Streaming Alpha 0.8.0

We’re very excited to announce the first alpha release of our audio streaming app based on Ionic hybrid mobile app framework. The first release was planned for February 19, but due to David’s and Warren’s focus, we were able to already release it yesterday on February 13, which happened to also be World Radio Day 2016.

This early release shows basic functionality of the player. Further development will be adding more features in the coming weeks. Access to the Android APK file is available on the project’s GitHub release page.

Here’s how it looks like on an HTC One after pressing the play button on the bottom of the page. It will extract the now playing information from the Icecast server and display it. On some devices there’s a pretty long delay before the audio starts playing, but please remember, it’s alpha.

Ionic Audio Streaming Alpha 0.8.0